Mizu Mission - Tofino, B.C with Russell Holliday

This month's Mizu Mission takes us to Tofino, British Colombia with Russell Holliday and friends. From getting caught...

Mizu How To - How to make a DIY water filer

Stuck in the backcountry with no clean water? Find an abandoned plastic bottle (sadly too easy) and turn your Mizu in...

Custom of the month - Mizu x Saint Archer

From one San Diego local to another, we thought we'd show some love to our good friends over at Saint Archer this mon...

Mizu Mission - Yosemite with Tiffany Nguyen

Our latest Mizu Mission takes us to the valleys and peaks of Yosemite and we've teamed up with our good friend, adven...

Custom of the month - Mizu x Betty Designs

We'd like to give a shoutout to all the endurance sports enthusiasts out there! This month, we've teamed up with Bett...
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Mizu How To - How To Make A Tortilla

How to Make Tortillas island style with Liz Clark 

Mizu x Dragon - Custom of the month

July’s Custom of the Month goes out to our friends and fellow SD natives over at Dragon. Find out how the collab firs...

Mizu how to - How to make an amplifier

 How to turn your Mizu Camp Cup into an amplifier

Mizu x GoPro - Custom of the month

June's Custom of the Month feature goes to our friends over at GoPro. Find out why they chose Mizu to keep their medi...

Mizu how to - how to make a sling shot

How to make a sling shot from old skateboard.

Mizu Cutlery - Say goodbye to plastic utensils

A sturdy, 18/8 stainless steel fork, knife, spoon and even chop sticks in a zip-top neoprene pouch makes Mizu’s new C...

#004 Mizu how to - How to turn your G7 into a coffee making machine

 #004 Mizu How To turn your G7 into a coffee making machine. 

Trekking Into the Unknown With Jeff Vallee, Heath Kirchart and Friends

Each year photographer, Jeff Vallee and legendary skateboarder, Heath Kirchart set themselves a challenge: "Find some...

Catching up with Founder Jussi Oksanen

Two winters ago, Jussi Oksanen – Mizu’s founder – took the decision to retire from professional snowboarding after a ...

Mizu x Leica - Custom of the month

It’s time for our Custom Bottle of the Month! This month we are calling out our recent collaboration with Leica Camer...

Our CEO is Cooler Than Yours

Being CEO is no walk in the park. First in, last out of the office. Evenings and weekends hijacked by work. And the b...

#003 Mizu how to - How to use your Mizu as a radiator.

 How to turn your Mizu bottle into an overnight radiator when camping.

Custom of the month: Mizu x Native Shoes

This month’s Custom of the Month bottle comes from none other than the innovative, lighthearted and lightweight Nativ...