#004 Mizu how to - How to turn your G7 into a coffee making machine

 #004 Mizu How To turn your G7 into a coffee making machine. 

Trekking Into the Unknown With Jeff Vallee, Heath Kirchart and Friends

Each year photographer, Jeff Vallee and legendary skateboarder, Heath Kirchart set themselves a challenge: "Find some...

Catching up with Founder Jussi Oksanen

Two winters ago, Jussi Oksanen – Mizu’s founder – took the decision to retire from professional snowboarding after a ...

Mizu x Leica - Custom of the month

It’s time for our Custom Bottle of the Month! This month we are calling out our recent collaboration with Leica Camer...

Our CEO is Cooler Than Yours

Being CEO is no walk in the park. First in, last out of the office. Evenings and weekends hijacked by work. And the b...

#003 Mizu how to - How to use your Mizu as a radiator.

 How to turn your Mizu bottle into an overnight radiator when camping.

Custom of the month: Mizu x Native Shoes

This month’s Custom of the Month bottle comes from none other than the innovative, lighthearted and lightweight Nativ...


Welcome to the Mizu family - Kimmy Fasani and Chris Benchetler

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE -Mizu welcomed Kimmy and Chris to the family by joining them on an adventure into the depths of ...


If the last month or so is anything to go by here on the West Coast, this winter has some serious snow in store for u...

Mizu Launches "Protecting Where We Play"

For Immediate Release   January 6th, 2016 MIZU LAUNCHES “PROTECTING WHERE WE PLAY” AS NEW NON-PROFIT Del Mar, Califor...

Mizu how to #002. How to open a wine bottle with out the bottle ope...

We know you've been there: the perfect setting, bottle of wine bottle opener. That won't be a problem for yo...

Get Inspired with Megan Pischke

Megan Pischke has long been a friend of Mizu. From her early days as a professional snowboarder to her years running ...

Custom of the Month - Mizu X Jones Snowboards

Jones Snowboards is committed to being an outdoor industry leader in the fight against climate change. Founded in 200...
mizu how to video series-how to boil water in your bottle-mizulife-embry rucker

Introducing the Mizu "HOW TO" video Series.

#001 - How to boil water in your Mizu when you're in the a jam.

Louif Paradis' top 5 tips to get ready for the snow season

It’s officially here! Snow season that is… We’ve all seen the glorious images of big fat flakes hitting us from Tahoe...

Custom of the month - MIZU X LIFEPROOF

Protecting Where We Play is the true ethos of Mizu, but protecting your valued electronics is where LifeProof finds i...

How Real is the Monster El Nino?

Like you, we keep hearing reports of the monster El Nino that is supposedly heading our way this winter. With all kin...
Help Nepal with Roark x Mizu

Mizu X Roark. Help Nepal with our limited edition bottle.

Seven months ago, Nepal, beloved destination for so many Westerners looking for mountain climbing adventures and spir...