Embracing the mantra of “Protecting Where We Play”, Mizu makes reusable products designed to help reduce the over abundance of single-use plastics produced and discarded each year. Our products are crafted with a refined aesthetic and the ultimate adventures in mind. Founded, owned and operated by some of the world’s top professional athletes, Mizu products are engineered to not just to survive but thrive across all active lifestyles. Mizu makes products under its own brand, custom products, and has global licenses for Mizu Partner Brands including Mizu, Volcom, Electric, Camp Vibes, Girl, Chocolate and Burton. Mizu can now be found in 25 countries, in the hands of athletes, filmmakers, photographers and many other awesome people who squeeze every ounce of fun out of life and share our passion for the oceans, mountains and cities we play in. We call this living a #mizulife.


Jussi Oksanen, an Olympic athlete and professional snowboarder for 18 years, has seven X Games medals to his name and is widely known as one of the best backcountry snowboarders of all time.

Throughout his storied career, Jussi was living a #mizulife well before people started calling that #thing a “hash tag.” It was while filming for a snowboard movie in Alaska in 2008 when Jussi realized just how much the trail of single-use plastic water bottles was tarnishing his travels. He committed to starting a company that would do something about it and shortly after, Mizu was born. Thinking like a person whose life depended, in many cases, on the quality of the gear he chose to bring with him, his vision was also to create a product that fit his style and was tough enough to withstand the pounding any professional outdoor athlete could inflict.

Today Jussi continues to push all Mizu products to their limits in real world situations alongside the Mizu Advocates. His passion for a plastic free playground is matched only by a passion for creating durable products for like-minded people.