Custom of the Week: Meine Jungs

This week we are featuring Mizu Custom products from one of our German retail partners MEINE JUNGS (translation: My Boys). Their custom design has been laser-etched on our most popular products fit to accompany you on all your outdoor missions. 




First, tell us about your brand. 

We started MEINE JUNGS in June 2019 with our online store and our retail store in Fulda, Germany.  MEINE JUNGS is the digital garage for guys who remain young at heart and love to have a good time with their buddies. As we all know, boys will be boys, and if the world was only as simple as the friendship between guys, our only problems would be a bit of BO, maybe a hangover, and our disputes would be settled over a couple of beers. Life is complicated enough and MEINE JUNGS provides a refuge, an online man cave for the adventurous explorer in all of us, a digital dive bar with no last call. Your boys are our boys and the parallels between us can’t be denied, everything we do reflects the comraderie of a modern bromance. We made it our mission to uncover the hidden gems you never even knew were missing in your life. With increasingly less free time in our lives there is no room for compromises.
Free time is for the boys and MEINE JUNGS is an inspiration to go out and enjoy nature with outdoor products that are produced sustainably and safe for the environment.


What about Mizu made us a great fit for your brand?

We share the environmentally friendly mantra of Mizu’s Protecting Where We Play. MEINE JUNGS exclusively manufactures reusable items to help reduce the consumption of single-use plastic.  
Mizu matches perfectly with the MEINE JUNGS philosophy of having fun outside, exploring the world, protecting the environment, using sustainable products and joining the reusable revolution.

What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?

We designed several MEINE JUNGS x Mizu bottles including M8’s, V8’s, Camp Cups, Tumbler 16's and collapsible shot glasses with the characteristic pattern of MEINE JUNGS, and we use them everywhere we go. Mizu drinking vessels accompany us every day while traveling, exploring new places, playing sports and experiencing new adventures, showing solidarity to our guys while respecting nature and environment. They are available for purchase in our retail store and on our website