Custom of the Week: Mizu x Pannikin Coffee & Tea

Mizu loves partnering with local businesses and providing them with quality products. This week, we're showing off Pannikin Coffee & Tea's custom Camp Cups, V5 Coffee Mugs, and Straw 4 Pack. Family owned and operated in Encinitas, California - Pannikin Coffee & Tea has been serving the local community with quality coffee and goods since 1968. 




What about Mizu made us a great fit for Pannikin Coffee & Tea? 

We were looking for a good quality, reusable option for customers to be able to take our product on the go. We, ourselves are a family owned business so finding Mizu, who has top-notch products, AND who happen to be operating right up the road- it was a done deal. The quickness with how you got the finished product out to us was just the icing on the cake. We could not be happier with Mizu.