Custom of the Week: Namotu Island Resort

Mizu loves teaming up with like-minded brands and companies and providing them with quality products. This week, we're featuring Namotu Island Resort's V8 and M8 bottles.


First, tell us about your brand.

We’re a small 24-guest boutique hotel in the middle of Fiji’s best breaks. When it comes to water sports we’re into everything from surfing to foiling, kiting, fishing and diving. The island is only a couple of acres in size so everything we use needs to be brought across by boat – the logistics of running this place are crazy but it’s a lot of fun and the best destination if you’re into water sports.



What about Mizu made us a great fit for your brand?

Over the last few years we’ve been making a bunch of changes and reducing our single use plastic. We love the Mizu for its quality and water filtration. Water in Fiji isn’t great quality so having a filter is a great idea! 



What are you going to be using your Mizu custom products for?

We stock a range of Namotu branded Mizu bottles plus Mizu 360 Filters in our island boutique so guests can refill rather than buy water during their stay. We offer refill stations around the resort to keep people hydrated and provide safe drinking water.