Go Blue: A Message From Our Founder

When I started Mizu with Brad Kremer 10 years ago, it was for one reason and one reason only -- to do something to help curb our planet's problem with single-use plastic. We thought it would be cool to create a product that would encourage all of our friends to use reusable products, and it just grew organically from there. Our mission hasn't changed since that first day.

It seems crazy to me that I grew up in an era when buying water in a little plastic bottle wasn't even an option. I remember thinking what a rip off it was the first time I saw them on the shelves -- it felt like paying for the air we breathe.

This era of “throw away” culture has gotten out of control and you don't have to look very hard to find images and video footage of what we are doing to our ocean and our marine life. But, it’s really encouraging to see that that the tides are slowly changing, and a lot of places are introducing free filtered water stations and coffee shops are giving discounts for bringing reusable cups and mugs. I think slowly but surely we can get back to the days when all we knew was to re-use, and I believe that the younger generation coming up has the sense to keep pushing for that. At least that’s what I hope!

Meanwhile, I am forever grateful each and every time I see someone with a reusable bottle, bag, cutlery, whatever, whether it's a Mizu product or otherwise. Thank you all for making a difference, and thanks for Going Blue with us this month.

- Jussi Oksanen