Fits All Wide Mouth Bottles

  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel

  • Durable Paracord Rope

  • 100% Recyclable 


Double Wall Insulated V Lid

The double wall insulated Mizu patented V Lid ensures maximum temperature control performance as it creates another wall of insulation at the mouth opening of the bottle. This V Lid comes with a black rope leash and an orange o-ring to add a pop of color.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This lid fits all V Wide bottles purchased on or after March 1, 2017.  If you need a replacement lid for a bottle purchased before this date please email us at info@mizulife.com and we'll help you out. 

Technical Specifications

Adjustable: Yes


Warranty Policies

Mizu guarantees a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects! Scratches and dents from dropping or normal use do not affect the use or safety of the bottle, but do not qualify for warranty. Paint/graphics are under a one-year warranty. 

Do not put hot liquids into single wall Mizu containers.

Do not freeze your Mizu container.

Do not put your Mizu container in the microwave.

Dishwasher may affect the paint and print. Hand washing recommended. 

*Any of these improper uses will void the lifetime warranty

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